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Are you a service user?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Telephone number 0131 378 2600

Do you want to be the best version of you?

Do you want to be the best part of someone’s day?

We want to deliver the best, and we want to work with the best

Our staff are at the heart of everything we do. We want to create an environment where you can flourish and develop, where you have the time to care for our Service Users, where you have Time for You!

I joined TfY as I share the passion and desire to provide Time for You Care services using innovative technology that frees up our workforce to concentrate on caring for people. This technology not only ensures that we can be efficient with our time and administrative responsibilities, it ensures that we can invest in paying you a salary that reflects the responsibility and commitment you make, and to support your ongoing professional development.

Give your time to our service users, and we will make Time for You

At Time for You Care

we only want to deliver the best quality care and support to people living in their own homes. We strongly believe the way to achieve this, is to work with the best people, and create a working environment that allows our care staff the time to care.

What you get

Not only will we provide you with the training and tools required for your role, we will nurture the values that were the driving force behind you becoming a practitioner and work tirelessly with you to deliver opportunities for professional development.

Join us

Apply for a role today

and be part of an exciting Care at Home company who put you at the heart of caring


Careers with TfY

We are currently recruiting for Homecare Practitioners in Edinburgh City

  • £10.25 – hour
  • Flexible working hours
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