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Our practitioners

Are you a service user?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Telephone number 0131 378 2600

Our practitioners

Our ‘values based approach’ to recruitment enables us to attract and retain high quality practitioners with the right skills to deliver quality standards for people using our social care services.

As an organisation who values its staff we ensure that our practitioners have

  • manageable workloads so they have time to work differently and creatively
  • a formal induction so that they understand the expectations and culture of the organisation
  • feel valued and supported in the work they do, so that we retain experienced staff and attract a new generation of care workers
  • are appropriately trained and have opportunities for career development, including a clear career pathway and core training
  • have clarity about their work roles and what is expected of them
  • use their experience to influence proposed changes to the way social care is delivered
  • are both empowered and supported to work more efficiently
  • are supported to make decisions so services users receive the right support at the right time
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